VCP 5.0 ready to download

A long awaited VCP 5.0 is ready to rollout.

VCP 5.0 for existing (with already activated VCP) users is ready for rollout.


1. create a new directory (example: c:\vcp5)
2. download new activator http://www.vag-tech.com/vagcanpro/card/vcpactivator.exe and put to directory created in point 1
3. connect your cable/dongle , run activator and detect card. Activator will display New (XXXXXXXXX) and old (YYYYYY) serials (XXXXXXXXXXXX/YYYYYYYY) respectively. Send both serials together with your vcp-forum nick to support email with update authorization request.
4. When your card will be authorized, connection to server will start the card update process. After update phase is finished, you will have to re-activate the card.
5. restart activator and reconnect to server - card data will be updated
6. If you have an V2.0 interface - perform Interface update.
7. Download remaining files using Download I and Download II buttons
8. Re-download your .zdc, .cry, .flash files from filemanager

Video with the update process: http://www.vag-tech.com/vagcanpro/vcpupdate_5.avi

- Once your card is updated to V5, there's NO way back to pre-V5
- On V5+ we will work ONLY with "long" serial numbers. After Smartcard update to revision 0200 only "long" SN will be displayed.
- all your activated optional features, zdc accesses etc will be preserved in V5.0

What is new:

- VCP scripter - small script interpreter which will introduce the simple scripting language for coding/adapting control units. Short manual together with example scripts is downloadable from http://www.vag-tech.com/vagcanpro/pdfs/vcp_scripter.pdf
- full support for A4 B9
- extended support for new Touran (including dataset upload v2)
- extended support for Caddy 4 (like above)
- New Iface v2.0 firmware (0A.03) contains fix for flashing problems reported by some users - for some gateways flash speed was too "fast" what caused write errors. just reset settings in VCP or set flashblockdelay parameter to 1 or more. bigger delay = slower flash.

- many new parameter files (including MIB generation 2 3V0/3G0 VIM files for users with VIM addon) - new group "newest files" is defined, contact support for access.


VCP 4.0.3 ready to download

VCP 4.0.3 ready to download:

  • new firmware 0A.02 / 0B.02 for v2.0 Interfaces - dramatic flash speed improvement in UDS and TP2.0 protocols. 7N0.907.530.Ax flash takes now 10 minutes (vs 18 minutes). PCR2.1 flash time is 8 minutes now !

  • OCF "Disabling Start / Stop" in MQB/MLB cars now has 2 options: Total deactivation and option for setting "reverse"  behaviour of Start/stop switch. When reversed behaviour is activated, then control LED will lit when Start/Stop is enabled, and will be turned off when Start/Stop is disabled.
  • default paths for debug and measurement blocks logs are now moved to c:\vcp\logfiles\
  • now DTC memory is automatically cleared before UDS flashing attempt. This should solve "Conditions not correct" fault with entering flashmode for some engine control units.
  • special function - import security algo from one flash file to another. Works with UDS only. Just press RIGHT mouse button on "Open File" and tick "Import Security Algo". Then open 2 files. The security algo will be imported from 1st opened file to 2nd one.This trick can be usable while playing with PQ35 cluster upgrades, when newer flashes are not flashable to older units.

  • Multiscanner in "adaptation" window can now read/write the RAW parameters in MQB BCMs. The parameter area in BCM's eeprom starts at $FE0000. You can now copy parameters from one BCM to another. Thanks for this option you can retrofit xenons to Skoda Octavia III even with Midline BCM (no need to replace BCM to "high" variant). Usage Video: HERE . And BIG thanks for JM Autotechnik for help.

VCP 4.0.0 Released

Long awaited VCP 4.0.0 is released.

  • full support for newest Skoda Superb III (MQB) - adaptations / coding / Parameter upload
  • Full support for new Interfaces v 2.0
  • Support for new crypted Parameter sets (introduced in new Audi RS3) in Parameter Uploader
  • Improvements in Flasher
  • preliminary support for new incoming BMW Coder (BEP - BimmerEthernetPro) - F01,F1x,F3x Chassis with onboard Ethernet diagnose interface. Testers are welcome.


VCP 4.0.2 released

VCP 4.0.2 is released.

  • full support for newest Audi Q7 II (MLB Platform) - adaptations / coding / Parameter upload
  • full support for newest VW Touran (MQB Platform) - adaptations / coding / Parameter upload
  • DCC parameter upload supports fully VW Sharan now
  • Transport Mode deactivation supports now MQB/MLB platforms (Feature requested by some dealers)
  • BCM Programmer supports now ~150 parameters of BCM PQ35 (Golf, Passat, TT3). You can change many interesting parameters, like rear spoiler control for Audi TT and more.