Introducing Support TicketSystem

To improve support experience, we implemented a Ticket System, which will help us to manage service requests, give an user more informations about status of his request and improve overall support performance.

You have 2 options to create a ticket:

- register at https://vcpsupport.pl and create a request using web interface. This is a preferred way

In webinterface you can assign your new ticket to one of the following queues:

  • File Requests -> requests for files for parameter uploader / prcoder etc. 
  • General - unclassified, general problems / requests
  • Misc - miscellanous requets
  • VAG Retrofits - questions regarding retrofits in VW-Group cars. This queue has a lowest priority
  • VCP Bug report - reports for bugs found in current VCP . This queue as a high priority
  • VCP Improvement ideas - any ideas which can help to improve your VCP
  • VCP Installation problems - any installation-related problems. This queue has a top priority

Once your ticket is created, you can monitor it's current status in "My tickets" 

Alternatively,  you can send an email to support(at)vcpsupport.pl - you will then get an reply with a ticket number. If you register to the web interface using the same email as from your previous request, the all your emailed tickets will be visible in "My tickets" section.

We encourage you, dear users to switch from typical email to new ticket system. Of course old support emails are still operational, however using ticketsystem will give you a better experience.

VCP 5.5.0 is ready to download.

VCP 5.5.0 is ready to download.

What is new: 

  • updated FaultCodes database (added 200+ new codes mainly for MQB/MLB-EVO) 
  • new Firmware for interfaces v1.1 (04.0D / 02.04) and v2.0 (0A.04 / 0B.04) - extensions for new MLB-EVO communications protocols (TCP-IP ready)
  • fixed communication problems with ECU 46 (Central convenience) in MLB-EVO platform (A4 B9 / Q7 4M)


To run VCP 5.5 with interface v2.0 you HAVE TO upgrade interface firmware.

To run VCP 5.5 with interface v1.1 you can stay on older firmware (04.0C / 02.03) but improvements for MLB-EVO will be lost. Upgrade is highly recommended.

Oldest interfaces (<02.03) will still work, but all new properties will be inactive. 

VCP 5.0.3 is ready to download.

VCP 5.0.3 is ready to download.

What is new:

  • support for new Adresswords introduced in MLB-Evo platform
  • updated ODX-Database (all models 2016 are supported)
  • Up/Downloader supportes now transfer mode $11, so now Reading data from MIBs (Modular Infotainment Baukasten) is supported
  • Major Changes in PR-coder :
    • you can now save your choosen PR-Codes to file
    • PRCoder can self-select known PR-Codes by analyze the current data stored in ECU
    • you can compare the data stored vs data calculated and choose what to upload
  • updated OCF "Folding mirrors", problem with Mirror (puddle) lights should be fixed - Thanks to Ciamardo / vcp-forum.de for hints !
  • new command in scripter : GetCardSerial which returns current serial of the smartcard. You can use it to prepare scripts, which will run on specified smartcards only.
  • improved TXT-Coding, now calculates coding APDUs much faster.
  • updated DTC database

Update Video -> http://www.vag-tech.com/vagcanpro/vcpupdate_5.avi

Please remember to do both Download.I and II AFTER smartcard update !

If your card is already v0201 then do just download.I and II in activator.


VCP 5.0.4 is ready to download.

VCP 5.0.4 is ready to download.

What is new:

  • fixed problems with parametrization of 7N0 cameras
  • fixed problems with parametrization of 5M0...F AFS modules
  • prcoder, parameter uploader, wabco programmer etc are now put to new OCF section called "Apps"
  • new flasfile dumper - can dump content of flash files (.frf, .odx, .sgo) to binary. Note: source stream format is not changed, so if flashfile is crypted and compressed, then binary dump will be same.
  • fixed problem with gateway list in MLB-EVO (Q7 II, A4 B9) - not all ECUs were detected in gateway.

Please redownload all parameter files from filemanager, otherwise file contents will be not displayed.


VCP 5.0.1 ready to download

VCP 5.0.1 is ready to download.

What is new:

  • updated PR-Coder for support MIB-Generation 2
  • Updated List of PR-Codes
  • Every parameter upload is now logged to C:\VCP\logfiles\ZDCUploadJournal\ZDCUploadJournal.log
  • New scripter functions : SetBitInHexString, ClearBitInHexString and TestBitInHexString for easy bit manipulation in codings/adaptations/memory areas.

Updated Scripter documentation incl. example scripts is HERE

New files ares uploaded to filemanager: PR-Coder coding templates for MIB Generation 2 (3V0/3G0) and VIM for Audi TT3